Piper Studios is a Canadian based worldwide Professional Photography & Video Production company dedicating itself to create the best in specialized close range aerial media for clients in need of innovative footage and imagery. Started at our Toronto based location; we fly remote controlled aircraft, also known as a Flying cameras, Drone or Multicopter. Our Flying Cameras are light weight, battery powered and fly like a helicopter with versatile flight capabilities. Our state of the art flying cameras are quiet, environmentally friendly and have multiple electric motors for HD quality aerial photography and videography.

From above, you gain a new perspective. This perspective is one that will amaze and captivate! Our flying camera Drone typically costs a small fraction of what a helicopter would. We are capable of various aerial tasks in a vast number of aerial applications.

Our remote controlled devices can replace a camera Jib on a Movie or TV set. Our flying cameras can get that seemingly impossible shot for a Car Commercial or any application you see fit.

We use precise GPS controls, gyro stabilized and ‘steady cam’ camera mounts. Our cameras fly with the smoothest shots you have ever seen!

As a wedding company, our flying cameras have been able to capture impossible angles covering large wedding parties. We are able to capture the beautiful landscape and architecture that our clients have booked for their special day.

Reserve your flying camera today with Toronto’s leading studio. Have unique photos created at dynamic hollywood angles to intrigue your viewers. Show off beautiful landscapes from a perspective intended to produce stunning and creative results using the latest technology.