Why Choose Piper Studios?

One Stop Wedding Shoppe…

Timeless Sophistication with a Dash of Convenience all under One Roof…
Let us Sweep you off your Feet, with packages that are sure to Enchant even the Faintest of Heart!
Saving you Time, Money & Stress and that is only the beginning…

Piper Studios is proud to celebrate 50 years as a family business!

At Piper Studios we give you the highest quality images and video Toronto has to offer. We are your link to the hottest Graphic Designers, and the most innovative Editors, we provide you with the latest in designer wedding albums and portraits, and most importantly the most reliable service you can ask for.

At Piper, we fuse creativity with dependability. Our 5000 square foot studio is always filled with friendly staff ready to work with you during every step of your wedding planning experience. From choosing a photographer and videographer to putting those final touches on your designer albums, invitations, DJ Entertainment and more, we are always here for you. This is how we’ve managed to remain Toronto’s Top Wedding Photography Studio for over 50 years; we are here for you and we bring you the best.


Back in the 1960’s, when Jackie O and miniskirts were all the rage, there was the original and first photo studio in Toronto creating unforgettable wedding images. No pretense. No attitude. Just timeless photographs that captured the essence of a moment that deserved to be uniquely memorialized: the bride’s big day. Those were the humble roots of the now famous Piper Studios. For 50 years, Piper Studios has been capturing the true spirit of brides and their loved ones in an unforgettable way.

Every photographer takes a picture that you will see. Only Piper Studios creates images that you will truly feel. That’s the Piper Difference. So whether you are looking for candid, romantic, photo-journalistic, contemporary, or just plain cool, Piper Studios will deliver. We’ve been doing it for 50 years and we’re not about to stop now.