If you have a wedding coming up, then you are probably thinking of hiring a photographer for your wedding photo shoot. However, you may find that wedding photography can be quite expensive. Some people believe that photographers just take pictures, but there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. Here, we break down the average price of wedding photography in Toronto and how to determine who to choose for the best value.

Calculating the Average

Anyone can be an amateur photographer. That is, someone with no formal photography experience can go to Walmart and spend $1,500 on a camera and start taking wedding shots; but do you really want to entrust the job of capturing memories on your big day to an amateur? The average cost of a professional photographer in Toronto is just over $4,000, but of course, this may vary depending on a number of factors.

We assessed the fees of the top 30 professional photographers and professional studios. We found that a third of the pro studios in Toronto charged over $4,000.

Factor in Impact Pricing

Different studios charge different rates. The difference can be significant, as in several thousands of dollars between two studios in Toronto. However, before you guffaw in disdain, you may want to look deeper into the numbers to determine why the range is so broad.

For instance, a studio that is charging more may be a more well-established brand with a stellar reputation. They may have 10 more years of experience in the industry than some of the newcomers in the industry, and with expertise comes a price.

If you’re having a destination wedding, you should note that some wedding photographers offer a la carte packages based on shooting and travel time, as well as fully customizable options.

The Number of Shooters

There are some distinct advantages to having more than one photographer at your wedding. For instance, having multiple photographers will allow for different perspectives and shots that can add some diversity to the shoot. You can also enjoy multiple shots that are taken from different angles. On average, you can expect to pay an extra for each additional shooter, but most experts agree that the added costs will yield an impressive return on your investment. You only get married once, so why not splurge a little and get the best value for your wedding photography?

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Top 10 Wedding Photo Poses

Wedding photos are memories that couples will cherish for years to come, but for those who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, it can be a little awkward posing for these pictures. Photographers are meant to help direct and pose couples so that they have stunning shots to look back on when reminiscing about their big day. The right posing technique can transform a mundane or ordinary pose into one that will mesmerize everyone. Here, we’ll discuss the absolute best wedding photo poses for that special day.

  1. The groom is blinded by the bride

Tradition dictates that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding, as it may bring bad luck. As such, you can make things fun by having the bride conceal her groom’s eyes before taking the photo. It is a superb pose to start the shooting and it can be a great origin shot that will allow you to tell an interesting story with each successive pose.

  1. Seeing the bride for the first time

Next comes the reveal pose. Here, the groom gets to see his bride in her beautiful wedding dress. You can also opt to have the photo taken in private before the wedding ceremony. This isn’t so much of a ‘pose,’ but rather a special moment that can be captured in real-time.

  1. Lying perfectly on some grass

Have the couple touch heads as they lie peacefully on some crisp summer grass. This is a shot that is both unique and playful. Their heads should face in opposite directions, and their eyes should be closed as well. Finally, if you want to add a sweet touch, then ask the bride to lay her hand on the side of her groom’s face.

  1. The first dance as husband and wife

Every first that a couple shares is memorable and the first dance as husband and wife is no exception to this rule. Now, while the couple usually has their first dance during the reception, you can help them practice for the big day with some first dance poses. Help them create idyllic memories that they can add to their family album, and they can get in some practice for the big day during the photo shoot as well.

If you really want to go above and beyond the call of duty, then have the glowing couple dance while the photographer captures the shot from a balcony up above; this will create a shot that is both unique and beautiful.

  1. Drama via a wide-angle pose

To create this super dramatic shot, have the couple pose in a field or in the woods and ask them to hold hands. Then, take a wide-angle shot of the couple together. To make things more relaxed and natural, ask the couple to talk to one another as they hold hands. The shot should also be taken from a fair distance so that it will look better.

  1. The kiss on the hand

For this shot, ask the groom to kiss his gushing bride on her hand. This is a simple pose that is sweet and has a fairy-tale element.

  1. The kiss on the forehead

Sometimes, couples can be nervous before the big day so a great pose to help them relax is to have the groom kiss the bride on the forehead. Ask the groom to wrap his arm around his glowing bride and then gently kiss her on the forehead. This will give her a radiant glow and fill her with a newfound confidence that will be apparent as the photo shoot continues.

  1. The relaxed gaze

This is the ideal pose for those who wish to appear natural, relaxed, and not so “posed.” To perform this correctly, have the couple sit down in a casual manner. Then either ask the groom to stretch his feet out in front of him or to place his arm on his knee. The bride will then need to lean in next to the groom. Finally, ask the couple to interact with one another via some props or simply talk to each other as the photographer takes pictures of their loving expressions.

  1. The constitutional

For this simple yet effective wedding pose, have the bride and groom walk next to each other so that the shot seems more organic. For instance, ask them to walk by a riverside or a tranquil beach. Next, have them speak to one another as the photographer takes multiple shots to capture the magic. If a beach is not available due to seasonal or time constraints, then take the constitutional pose shots anyway. At the very least the photos will be unique as well as fun, regardless of where the couple takes their walk.

  1. The weather shot

This shot is interesting because you can use bad weather to your advantage. For instance, if it is raining outside, then you don’t need to cancel the photoshoot. Instead, you can use the rain to create some misty magic. Take unique shots by asking the groom to protect his bride from the elements by shielding her with his coat or jacket.

This concludes our list of top 10 wedding photo poses. A wedding is supposed to be a special and memorable day full of joy and bliss, and cultivating the perfect poses during the photo shoot can create amazing moments that will last a lifetime for the beloved couple.

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